PHE Application

Food industry

BAODE plate heat exchangers can help fulfill the requirements of the food industry with a wide ranges of plates for most of the applications.

Dairy industry 
Pasteurization, heating or cooling of dairy products. 

Fruit juice / beverage industry 
Our plate heat exchangers are used for preserving juices ,fruit concentrates, sugar solutions, tea, soft drinks with and without carbonic acid, etc.
Brewing industry 
Our plate heat exchanger can work for wort, yeast, green beer and mash to thermal treatment.

BAODE plate heat exchangers in refrigeration as below applications:
•  Economizer
•  Desuperheater
•  Subcooler 
•  Condenser 
•  Evaporator
•  Oil cooler 
Baode brazed plate heat exchangers can be found in:
•  air-conditioning 
•  process chillers 
•  supermarket chiller
•  heat-pumps

Renewable Energy
Fields of applications of Renewable energy 
BAODE PHE plate heat exchangers can be used in liquid product, for example condensers or evaporators. also our plate heat exchangers are used in solar engineering, power stations.

BAODE plate heat exchangers have been used for diesel engine and gas turbine for waste heat recovery. 

The advantages of Baode plate heat exchanger
• Lower investment and installation costs 
• simple installation and maintenance.
• saving  space compared with a S&T of the same performance 
• higher heat recovery efficiency 
• compact design
• lower operating weight 

Marine engineering
Cooling of diesel engines is the most important application of plate heat exchangers in the marine industry. it is mounted directly on the engine in order to save space.

BAODE PHE Systems plate heat exchangers are used on board in the following areas:
•  Lubricating oil cooling for transmission, compressor and other lubricating oil.
•  Central cooling of main and auxiliary engines /turbines 
•  Pre-heating heavy oil /lubricating oil 
•  Fresh water production 
•  Heat recovery 
•  Air-conditioning and freight areas 
•  Pre-heating diesel fuel 

1) Chemical Industry
The range of products for the chemical industry

BAODE Gasketted plate heat exchangers are widely used in below industries, it can reach the right temperature for the applications:

•  Textile 
•  Petrochemical : plastics, varnishes, sulphuric acid, etc.
•  Mining
• Chemical processing

District heating 
Baode Gasket plate heat exchanger used in district heating systems can save energy. It is flexible to increase the capacity and easy to maintenance.

Air conditioning /Refrigeration 
Brazed plate heat exchanger is most common used in Air condition, for example Evaporator, condenser.

Solar heating
Baode plate heat exchanger used in solar system to heat the service water, it works efficiently. 

Swimming pool
Baode plate heat exchanger used in swimming pools provides the required temperature for the customer, the Ti material PHE can use for sea water.


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