Heating Insulation

Heating Insulation:


           The Baode heating insulation for brazed plate heat exchangers is easily assembled and dismantled. The heating insulation provides protection from the heat pack and keeps the climate in the operating room  dry and not too hot.

The Advantage of Baode PHE insulation.

- Baode heating insulation is expandable thanks to the mould design. It can suit for any plates number BPHE.
- Baode heating insulation can fit for different connection location BPHE.


Technical data
Material Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
Fire protection class DIN 4102
Density 45 – 60 / kg/m³
Heat conductivity 0.035 W/mk
Thickness 24 mm
Max.Temperature +110°C
Size A B C D E F G
B26 175 358 127 310 125 58 50+38N mm
B50 168 576 168 528 166 56 50+38N mm
Appropriable other brand models
B26 Brand Model B50 Brand Model
Baode BL26/BL26C Baode BL50
Alfa Laval CB26,CB27,CB30 Alfa Laval CB51,CB52,CB60
SWEP B10, B12 SWEP B25, B28, V80
GEA WP418, WP420 GEA WP525
KAORI K050, K070 APV O60
APV O30 Otto Heat O60
Otto Heat O30 AIA 29
AIA 19 Cetetherm 415, 416, 417
Cetetherm 410, 411, 412 CIAT EXL 7
Danfoss XB10 Danfoss XB37
Funke GPLK40 Funke GPL6, GPLK55
Thermokey TP12 Thermokey TP82
Secespol LB31 GEMINA T100
VAU VM30 TAU Energy 28, 29
Secespol LB60
VAU VM55, VM60


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