In cold climates people typically rely on fossil fuels (oil, propane, natural gas) to heat their homes, their businesses and their water. Traditional heat pumps do not work well in cold climates. Given our location in Maine we have been working on energy and cost saving heat pump solutions for years and have been awarded several patents for our cold climate heat pump technology. We have developed the CCHP product line to efficiently heat water up to 130°F – 140ºF (55°C – 60ºC), even in ambient temperatures down to -10°F (-23°C).

What applications are suitable for Nyle Cold Climate Heat Pumps?

These units make heat pumps savings possible for whole new group of customers and applications. The units come in sizes of 36,000 and 60,000 BTUH and multiples thereof. Example applications are:

• Heating potable water for restaurants, hotels,  laundromats and other places where the unit is
placed outside and the ambient temp will be below
20°F (-7°C) for part of the year.
• Heating water for radiant floor heating for residential
and commercial buildings
• A single system that combines radiant floor heating
and potable water in one, for residences and
commercial places. This system includes the storage tank.

Key features and benefits

• COP ranges from 6 to 2, depending on conditions.
Minimum ambient temperature to run the heat pump  efficiently is -10°F (-23°C) When the ambient  temperature gets colder, heat from a back-up heat  source (can be the heating element in the existing
tank) will be used to supplement the heat pump.
• The CCHP units heat water efficiently up to 130°F –  140ºF (55ºC – 60ºC).
• Drinking water lines do not go outside the building
meaning there is no risk of freezing water in pipes.
• Can be connected to any storage tank water heater,  including: Electric, Oil, Natural Gas, Propane.
• Can be disconnected and reinstalled with other  tanks in case you change tanks.
• Uses environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant.

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