Products Name: Balcony solar water heater system
Products Model: YYJ-B01

Products Intro:

Why choose it?
Most of people use roof solar water heater system which collector has been installed on the roof. But as there still some limited on the roof, Ejai solar make this balcony solar water heater system which collector will be installed on the balcony or wall.

Anti-freezing: The water tank can be put inside of house as it's separate system. Heat pipe solar collector is special design for cold place. We don't need to worry about freezing as there is no water inside of vacuum tube.

System keep working all the time: The tube broken will not affect whole system working. Because the heat pipe design, if one tube broken, the liquid inside of flow passager will not flow out.

Products Name: Balcony heat pipe solar collector
Products Model: YYJ-CB01

Collector Size 15 Tubes 20 Tubes 25 Tubes 30 Tubes
Overall Length1 1000mm
Overall Length2 135mm (manifold + standard frame)
Overall Width3 1145mm 1560mm 1895mm 232mm
Absorber Area4 0.59m2 0.78m2 0.98m2 1.17m2
Absorber Area5 0.67m2 0.90m2 1.12m2 2.33m2
Gross Dry Weight (standard Frame) 32kg 42kg 52kg 63kg
Fluid Capacity 290ml 520ml 550ml 710ml
1. Length of Frame front track ;    2. Height frame front track + manifold;  3. Width of manifold (not including inlet/outlet ports);  4. Absorber = Outside diameter of inner tube x exposed tube length;  5. Aperture = Inner diamter of outer glass tube x exposed length.

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