Commodity Pre-heated Solar Water Heater Color as per
Inner tank 0.4mm stainless steel (SUS304/2B) Accessories Assistant tank and electrical heater

Outer tank

0.4mm Galvanized steel alloy

Quality Certificate>

ISO9001:2000, CE


1.5mm Galvanized steel alloy

Warranty 3 years for full system
insulation layer 50mm polyurethane MOQ negotiation
Working Temp. 99 Celsius degree Lead time within 15 days for full container
Working Press. 0.3 Mpa (3 bars) Payment T/T, L/C

Split Series
Solar Collector
Balcony Series
Integrated Pressurization
Integrated Non-Pressurization
Pre-Heated System
Evacuated Tube
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What is Heat Pipe?
What is Insolation?
What is insolation in my area?
How much energy can solar collector Produce?
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