Introducing the GEYSER®, the unique heat pump water heater from Nyle Systems. Heat Pumps are the most efficient way to heat water and the GEYSER® is an add-on unit that can be added to any existing storage tank water heater. The GEYSER® will save you an average of 50%-65% over the operating costs of an electric tank water heater. It is a great choice for saving money and reducing energy use.

The GEYSER® is made by Nyle Systems in Brewer, Maine and just like “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone National Park, it is a natural and renewable hot water source that will prove reliable for years to come.

How does the Geyser work?

The GEYSER® is suitable for most storage tank water heaters from 40 gallons to 120 gallons. Heat is pulled from the surrounding air and, utilizing heat pump technology, that energy is used to heat the water in your tank. Even the small amount of electricity used to operate the GEYSER® is converted to heat. With an Energy Rating over 2.0, this means that for every unit of electricity used, the GEYSER® produces over two units of heat for making hot water.

As an added bonus, the air surrounding the GEYSER® is also being dehumidified. This reduces household mold and mildew, possibly allowing you to switch off your dehumidifier and further increasing your savings.

Key Features and Benefits

• Saves 50%-65% on the costs of running an electric
water heater.
• Savings are measured at a tank temperature of
135°F and an ambient air temperature of 67°F.
• A lower tank temperature (default setting is 120°F),
or a higher ambient temperature will increase
savings further.
• GEYSER® R and RO are designed for a minimum
ambient temperature of 45ºF (indoor units in most
• The air surrounding the GEYSER® is being
dehumidified in the process, possibly allowing you to
switch off your dehumidifier.
• No need to buy a new tank. Designed to be
installed with existing water heaters.
• Can be disconnected and reinstalled with a different
tank, in case you move or change tanks.
• Easy, professional installation.
• Reduces the energy use by 50%-65%, helping the
environment and helping us to become less
dependent on foreign energy.
• Vented Heat Exchanger to meet local and national

*Vented heat exchangers are required by UL and national/local codes to prevent the leakage of refrigerant into potable water supplies.
Note: Your Geyser is most efficient when operated in ambient temperature range of 50°F to 120°F.

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