The Geyser PRO Series is a High Efficiency Air-to-Water Heat Pump saving 50% - 75% in costs over an electric water heater. The PRO-Series can be attached to most existing or new storage tanks and works efficiently in an ambient air temperature range of 20ºF (-7ºC) to 100ºF (43ºC).

Geyser PRO: Best Value for Money

The Geyser PRO is the best value in water heating: It is low cost to buy and heat pump efficiency means it is low cost to run. They are backed by the same warranty and service as all our products. No compromises!

What applications are suitable for Nyle heat pump water heaters?

Our Professional line ranges in capacity from 25,000 BTUH to 250,000 BTUH, generating 40 to 400 gallons of hot water per hour per unit. The PRO’s can heat water efficiently up to 140°F and are ideally suited for restaurants, hotels/motels, apartment buildings, laundry facilities, health care facilities, schools, sports arenas, gyms, institutions such as prisons, military barracks, specific manufacturing plants, and more. Application size is unlimited due to our modular design.

How does the Geyser® work?

Heat is extracted from the air surrounding the unit and utilizing heat pump technology, that energy is used to heat the water in your storage tank. As a by-product of heating water, they cool and dehumidify the air in the area that they are installed. This reduces the load on air conditioning, further increasing your savings.

Are these units difficult to install?

They can be installed indoors, in utility rooms, kitchens, etc., or outdoors in warm or moderate climates. They operate efficiently as long as the ambient air temperature is above 20°F (-7°C). They connect to electric, oil, gas, or propane hot water tanks. Circulator pumps are used to pump the water between the heat pump and the storage tank. They are typically sized for 25 feet of distance but can be sized to overcome longer distances or vertical drops.

Key features and benefits

The professional units heat water efficiently up to 140°F. Typical operating at COP from 3.0 to 4.0, meaning it is expected to save 60% – 75% versus the costs of running an electric water heater.
Minimum ambient temperature to run is 20°F. If the temperature can go lower, having a back-up heat source for just those occasions is recommended (can be the heating element in the existing tank).
Drinking water lines implies that if the unit is exposed to freezing temperatures heat strips should be used to prevent freezing of water lines and heat exchanger.
The air surrounding the units is being cooled and dehumidified, reducing the need for air-conditioning and further increasing savings.
Can be connected to any storage tank water heater, including: Electric, Oil, Natural Gas, Propane.
Can be disconnected and reinstalled with other tanks in case you change tanks.
Powder coated cabinet provides superior protection against corrosion.
Uses environmentally friendly R417a refrigerant.
Comes with one year limited warranty.


How energy efficient is the Geyser PRO Series?

Performance for heat pumps is expressed as a Coefficient of Performance (COP). In typical installations our PRO units achieve COPs ranging from 3-4. This means it creates 3-4 units of renewable heat from the air for every 1 unit of electricity required to run the unit. This 300% to 400% efficiency compares with efficiencies of traditional water heaters of approximately 70% for gas or oil to 90% for electric water heaters. Overall savings are typically 60%–75%. For all heat pumps, performance is impacted by a number of factors including the ambient air and water temperatures

The investment payback period is typically 1 – 3 years (based on US energy prices), depending on a number of factors, including how much water you use. The cooling and dehumidification that takes place as a by-product to heat the water can often be used to offload the A/C load, thereby increasing savings further.

Geyser PRO-125 COP Curve
Average COP over complete heat up cycle.

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